Night of the Living Dead : Resurrection

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Year Released : 2012Night-Living-Poster-1
Director : James Plumb
Cast : Sule Rimi, Kathy Saxondale, Lee Bane, Terry Victor and Rose Granger.

Every few reviews on this site you might notice that I refer to a film as one of the worst I have ever seen, such as “Zombeavers” but then something even worse comes along. At the time of writing this film has a rating of 2.5/10 on IMDB from 805 votes, I have no idea how it managed to get that high. I wouldn’t have even given it a 1/10 and it was little wonder than it was only 5 pence in a local DVD store.

As I said in my review for “Exit Humanity” I said that I loved zombie films and was almost obsessed by them but I just can’t recall any of them, regardless of how ridiculous the acting is, how poor the visuals, how unrealistic the violence, etc, etc, being as bad as this.

If this wasn’t done for a student’s university film degree then I would be absolutely shocked, it is just an appallingly bad film, I can’t think of a single positive to say.


Somewhere in Wales the dead have risen (an uncommon plot in a zombie movie, obviously) and Ben (Rimi) is doing his best to survive, including attempting to siphon petrol from a stationary car, but it isn’t long before he is killed by a man who thinks he’s trying to invade his house.

The family is doing their best to survive, but it’s not easy due to an elderly father that has fallen ill and the pregnancy of another. They seem to be coping but the infection has still made it into their house as their son, Sam, had been bitten before the events of the film and he soon turns, biting other members of the family.

Little do the family know that as well as the infection spreading within, a horde of zombies is coming towards their house. Can they survive the night?


So what makes it so awful?

It’s hard to put into words why this film is so poor and actually convey how shockingly bad it is. After less than five minutes I was ready to turn off and I had to really talk myself into seeing this through on far too many occasions. If the budget for this film was higher than £20 then I would be surprised.

Let’s start with the way it’s executed. The character of Ben is the only major character in the 20 minutes and in that time he gets angry with himself for letting the car run out of petrol, leave the hazard lights ON when he’s trying to avoid zombies and then ask for help through a letter box, only to get a shotgun shell in the face. So what was the point in that? The film has spent 20 minutes attempting to build this character up and then he’s shot dead and the film switches to characters you don’t know anything about and haven’t been seen up until that point.

Ok, I get that you’re supposed to realise at that point that the family will do everything to protect each other, even to the point where one of the characters had been bitten before the film takes place and they decide the best remedy for his condition is to give him a cold bath. Yes, their answer to a character getting bitten is to give him a cold bath. He eventually ends up turning because of the family’s inactivity before he bites another family member, a family member who they choose to keep alive and he also seems to think that the answer to infection is to give the wound a quick wash and everything will work. This family is sort of asking for everything that they get really. It’s really hard to sympathise with them because they are idiots.

None of the characters are even particularly interesting.  You are given precisely no reason to really like them or even want them to survive. They’re just there.

They consistently put themselves in stupid situations that they easily could have avoided, such as the father trying to find help in a car and he encounters a group of teenagers. They approach him wielding axes, swords and various other things, but does he drive off? Does he fuck. He just sits there and accepts what is about to happen to him. You then see them run his legs over several times with that car but all I could think was “you deserve that for being so stupid!”

From the off it’s impossible not to notice the exceptionally poor camerawork. I have no idea what this was filmed with but it certainly wasn’t with digital equipment and it shows,not to forget that they use a tilted camera angle A LOT. I wouldn’t be surprised if they filmed a lot of scenes by leaning the camera against a rock that’s on the road and just let it, in one scene this even cuts off the actor’s head and it happens over and over and over again. Some characters are followed from seemingly ankle height and you can see the waddle of the camera person as they try not lose their balance.

The below is a direct screenshot, I have altered it in any way and you can tell not only the poor camera work but also the quality of the film. Don’t get me wrong, poor quality film quality doesn’t necessarily mean a poor movie, such as “28 Days Later”, but that was in the early 2000s , not 2012 and it’s obvious that this was filmed on a VHS tape because you can see all of the little black, green and yellow marks consistently  pop up all over the screen. Now, again don’t get me wrong, quality of footage doesn’t mean everything but it was certainly an odd choice.


Scenes that were filmed at night were filmed with no source of light whatsoever and you can’t see what’s happening, but you’re supposed to be scared by it. There is a scene early on where Ben attacks a zombie in a field but there is no light shining on the situation, meaning it’s only sound effects and I’m not sure whether that was intentional or not, but either way it wasn’t good film making.

For the scenes filmed in a car they’ve not tried to hide that the cameraman is also in the car whilst it’s moving and it jumped around due to the vibrations of the car on the road. It’s worse than shaky-cam that’s been used heavily in films such as “Hunger Games” and many others, it makes it practically unwatchable.

The music is terrible. Early on there’s a scene where Ben is trying to steal car keys whilst two people lay dead inside. Yes, it’s a tense situation but it’s made almost unbearable to watch due to an extremely loud and continuous tone, almost as if someone fell asleep on the keyboard key. It’s not the first time it happens either and certainly wasn’t the last, infact this noise ruins whatever tension there is in the scene. In the first 18 minutes I counted this tone playing, stopping and then starting again five times. FIVE!!!

What’s also very strange is that once Ben is killed and the film switches over to the family, it’s almost like a completely different film. Almost as if the first 20 minutes was taken from another film and was randomly placed into this one. It has a different style (albeit still with the terrible camera angles), pacing and level of action completely changes. They really don’t belong together and it makes you wonder why they bothered with the first 20 minutes and didn’t just go straight to the family.


It’s not even as if Ben was the first character they follow as early on, for the first few minutes, you’re following a man trying to buy some milk from a shop but can’t find anyone to serve him. It feels so disconnected that you’re actually wondering if you’re watching the same film for the entirety of the 88 minutes.

As the film goes on you are still given no clear reason why you should actually like the family and therefore it makes you feel completely disengaged with what’s happening on screen. It turns out that one of the characters is cheating on his wife (the pregnant woman) with another woman in the house, but I really didn’t care. There is no emotional connection with the characters, especially as they really don’t seem to care about the outbreak. Characters are clearly going to turn into zombies after being bitten (they even acknowledge it to each other) but they are then trusted to look after the rest of the family. If the family doesn’t seem to care about the situation then why should I?

It’s just 88 minutes of nothing and it takes more than 45 minutes, more than half of the film, to actually show you that the zombies are approaching the house. It’s almost like they’re trying to build a very slow tension that you know the zombies are coming and time to escape is running out, similar to what happens in the “Night of the Living Dead” films and to be honest, that’s what pisses me off.

This film has no right using the “Night of the Living Dead” name, it has virtually nothing to do with the excellent 1968 film and it’s superb 1990 remake, other than the title. There are several major plot points blatantly stolen, such as one of the children has been bitten before you see them, characters disagree about whether the basement of the attic is safer,


If you want to be bored to the point where you feel like a zombie for 88 minutes then this film is for you. I’m not sure whether it was supposed to just be a rip off of “Night of the Living Dead” or a tribute, but it fails miserably either way.

There is not one single likeable thing about this film. There’s exceptionally poor camera work, characters that you don’t feel any identifiable emotion about, a pretty bland storyline and not one sense of true danger throughout.

Being low budget is not an automatic sign of being a bad film, hence why I liked “Exit Humanity”, but that film brought you into the film and your felt immersed in that world. That does not happen in the slightest with this film.

I don’t use this phrase lightly but I think I can safely say that this is the WORST zombie film I have ever seen.



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