A quick update

Hello all,

I trust everything is well with everyone?

After receiving a few emails asking why reviews have suddenly stopped appearing on a regular basis I just wanted to address this properly.

When I started this site several months ago I was working nights and had long spells where (up to 9 hours a night) where I was just waiting for calls to come through that never did, therefore I was sometimes able to get through two films a night and review them, at one point I even managed to write at least one review every day for ten days in a row.

In December, I got offered a new job back in Lincoln, the city where I grew up, and I jumped at the chance. I had a month to wait due to security checks but after nearly 3 hours of not living in Lincoln, I spent most of my time catching up with my friends and seeing a few films at the cinema. I also have a few commitments, such as filming and editing the highlights of games involved the Blackburn Hawks Ice Hockey Team, so my spare time hasn’t actually really allowed me to write new reviews on a regular basis.

I am now going to commit more time to this site and tried to have at least two new reviews every week, and also every Sunday (hopefully) I will be writing a blog style entry about something related to films. This could be something as simple as talking about a new film being released and how excited I am about it (or vice versa), a top 10 list of some variety or anything of a similar nature. I’m sure you get the idea.

Anyway, I hope all of the above made sense and you appreciate why reviews haven’t been coming as regularly as before. I have also set up a Facebook page that will automatically feed any new reviews into your Facebook news feed, it can be found here – https://www.facebook.com/sorryneverheardofit?ref=bookmarks



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