100 Posts and Counting

Hello all

I turned 30 on September 12th last year and at the time I decided to through a bit of a change in my life. I wanted to start doing things that I’ve always wanted to do, such as learn how to skate properly, learn how to speak another language fluently, learn an instrument, etc, and whilst those three have pretty much all died a death, one that stuck is conveying my passion about films.

There were a few reasons why I wanted to do this and one was that I had been inspired by a guy called Chris Stuckmann. Chris reviews films on Youtube but presents it in a way that is highly enjoyable, makes you laugh and he does a brilliant job of conveying his enjoyment of movies. What I love most about Chris is that he isn’t doing it for the fame, he is doing it for his love of the industry and he wants to make things better.  The below is a perfect example of that and I would recommend that you subscribe to Chris and, as he puts it, “get Stuckmannized” (it felt wrong spelling that with a Z)

But anyway, so on September 24th last year, twelve days after I turned 30, I decided to start the film review website, but I didn’t want to just be a copy of any other review website. I wanted mine to stand out and I wasn’t going to do that by reviewing films that everyone else reviews. Whilst I will occasionally write about mainstream films, such as in my Top 10 Films of 2014 , I didn’t want to viewed as just another review site. I wanted to be different and that’s why I chose to write about lesser known films.

Now some of you may be wondering how I decide if a film isn’t well known. Well first of all I look at things such as it’s box office takings, whether it was straight to DVD and a source that I reference quite often, IMDB. On IMDB I will look at the ratings for the film and decide there and then if it’s obscure enough to fit in. Sometimes I will review a film that does have quite a lot of votes, but more often than not I won’t review a film if it’s got more than 5,000 votes, and on occasions I have found that films that I have watched have less than a thousand votes after several years.

The only issues with doing this is that because no-one’s heard of the films, traffic isn’t particularly flowing. There are the odd times when I get a sudden flurry of hits because one of the films I’ve reviewed has been on TV, but largely I’ve been lucky to get over 50. I don’t do this for the hits, I actually do it because I love talking about films, but hits are a good motivator and after a slow start, the hits did start picking up. I am still only averaging around 30-40 a day, but given the types of films I am reviewing, I’m reasonable happy with that.

But anyway, it all began back in September with a review of the little known zombie film, Exit Humanity, ever since then the site has grown and I am continuing to enjoy doing it. My reviews are getting longer than they used to be and although I may talk about aspects of films along the same theme, such as character development, setting, etc, I always try and bring something new to each review.

The best part about doing this site however is that I get to discover a few films that I would never have watched otherwise, and to celebrate the 100th post, I’ve decided to list my top five films that I’ve reviewed (in no particular order) on this site, but in the interest of fairness I’m only going to do films that I hadn’t seen before September last year.

Black Sea – Jude Law stars as a man who is made redundant by a salvage company and he decides to take revenge by stealing gold from a Nazi submarine in the Black Sea, gold that the company knows about but can’t get to due to political issues.

Whilst Jude Law is the star attraction, Ben Mendelsohn steals the show.

J’ai tué ma mère – Xavier Dolan directs and stars in this film about a young, homosexual man and his relationship with his mother.

It’s ingenius in the way that you’re never entirely sure which side of the arguments you’re on and you often find yourself siding with both.

Summer of Blood – Surprisingly good film about a man who is very outspoken and his early days of living as a vampire.


The Hunt – Mads Mikkelson stars as a kindergarten teacher who upsets one of the children and she subsequently makes up a lie about him touching her inappropriately. The local community ostracizes him, even though there is no evidence to back up the claim, and his life slowly falls apart, even after the child admits that she lied.

When I did my Top 20 films recently, this came so incredibly close to being included in that list. It is two of the most emotionally engaging hours that you will ever have at the cinema and looking back on it, I wish I hadn’t wasted some of the spaces that I did when it could have easily been taken up by this film.

Incredible doesn’t even cover it. If I did scores then this film would be a perfect 10 out of 10. T

Tom à la ferme – Xavier Dolan again directs and stars in a film as he plays a man who goes to his boyfriend’s funeral, only to discover that his family knew nothing of their relationship. Out of guilt, he stays to help at the family’s farm, but his boyfriend’s brother refuses to let him leave.

Tom at the Farm, to give it it’s English name, is an incredible, tour-de-force film about Stockholm syndrome,


So anyway…..

So the point of this article was to say thank you to those that have read to the site and subscribed. Thank you for both positive and negative comments. I realise that my reviews aren’t perfect and I do have a tendency not to proof read them before submitting them, but I am enjoying them.

Anyway, I’ll stop taking up your Tuesday evening (obviously this depends on where you are and what time you’re reading this), but please like us on Facebook to get live updates on when articles are posted.



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