Keeping it Reel : The films of 2015 that I’m looking forward to

Last year I posted an article about my ten favourite mainstream films and proclaimed Nightcrawler to be the best film of 2014, in my opinion of course. Because I struggled to remember most of the films I saw from the earlier part of the year, including the film that would be number two on my list (The Wolf on Wall Street),  I decided to keep track of films that I saw on an Excel spreadsheet……and I have realised in recent days that I might struggle to come up with a top ten.

In 2014 I saw twenty three films at the cinema, a total which I matched the other day when I went to watch three films in a day after a shift at the local cinema. Yes, with more than four and a half months to go of 2015, I have already seen as many films as I did in the whole of last year

Now, normally coming up with a top 10 wouldn’t be an issue, I am pretty decisive with my films, but out of the twenty three that I have seen this year, I have only seen seven which I think would be worthy of featuring within a top ten list. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few on there that I did like, but I don’t feel that they are worthy of a top ten and their inclusion would be nothing more than filler.

There aren’t that many films coming out over the next fifteen or so weeks that I am excited about, but this won’t stop me watching films. As I’ve mentioned a few times in recent weeks, I recently started working in a cinema and get into films for free, so I am hoping that I can see some hidden gems that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, and one film that I saw a few weeks ago actually stands a very good chance of not only making my top ten, but also the number one spot.

But anyway, I wanted to share with you the trailers for five films that I am looking forward to that are due to be released in the UK at some point later this year, well, except one. Unlike when I usually do a little list, I’m not going to go indepth about the films and I’m just simply going to place the trailers. Assuming all do come out at the cinema then they will all feature at the end of the year.

Infinitely Polar Bear

Z for Zachariah

The End of the Tour

The Martian




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