Keeping it Reel : Why I won’t apologise for not liking your friend’s movie

After a few days spent away from my laptop, which was very welcome, I came back to what could best be described as someone who wasn’t very happy that I gave a bad review to Teacher of the Year. This person called my review infantile and needless, and he then followed it up a few days later (this morning to be more precise) with another comment asking why I had deleted his comment (well he didn’t actually ask, he just assumed I had and decided to post an immature response.

Here is my response.

Well first of all, comments on here aren’t set to automatically post, they go into my approval folder and they stay there until I do whatever I choose to do with them. So I never deleted your comment because I didn’t even see it until earlier today. I think in my time running this site I have only deleted four comments and two of them were spam.

But anyway, there are several reasons that I won’t apologise for having an opinion on a film and that is because films are there to be judged. Whether you are reviewing a film or simply watching one on TV, you are reviewing it one way or another because if you don’t like it, you’ll stop watching it. You are there to enjoy a story being told and for me, as I state in the review, they got numerous aspects of the story wrong, even down to the more interesting story being relegated to a subplot to facilitate a decision that the main character has to make.

There were numerous other aspects about the film that I didn’t like, such as the lazy humour that comes in naming one of your characters “Douche”. Spin that in any way you want but that is an attempt at a cheap laugh if ever I heard one. Then there was the careless nature of how they showed a student typing away as if his life depended on it, almost as if he was writing an essay, when his computer is quite clearly on the Windows log in screen. Those are just two examples of things that I didn’t like and I could go on, but you could just easily read the review.

At the time of writing “Teacher of the Year” has an average score of 5.4 from 678 reviews on IMDB, 44 of which are zero votes, 35 for 1/10 and a further 38 who only gave it a two, so those that think the film is not very good are actually quite numerable by comparison. The very fact that the majority think it’s average, at best, should tell you something.

Now the thing was that I didn’t even hate the film. If I hate a film I really go to school on it. If you want to see what it actually looks like when I do hate a film, here are a few reviews that show what I can be like when I hate a film;

Now don’t get me wrong, there are far, far, far worse films out there than “Teacher of the Year”, but there are also films that are so much better, and I’m not just talking about big films, I’m talking about smaller films. Although I haven’t ranked the films I’ve reviewed on this site, if I was to rank them from 1 to what I believe is around 115 reviews (give or take), Teacher of the Year would definitely be around the 100 region.

My recent reviews for films such as “Lost After Dark” and “Extinction” were favourable because they deserved to be given a favourable review. I will happily admit when a film is good if it is worthy of it, and in my opinion “Teacher of the Year” was not. But do you notice what the key word in that sentence is? It’s the word opinion. Yes, I know it’s unusual to see someone on the internet that is willing to say that what they are saying might not be fact,

For the benefit of the doubt, here is the dictionary definition of the word opinion : a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. It’s like religion, anyone with religious views is of the opinion that their God/Gods/Prophets/etc are real and do, or at least have at some point, existed, but it’s not a fact. Just for the benefit of doubt, the definition of fact is a thing that is known or proved to be true. Please note that this is not a dig at religious people and is no way meant to be insulting, I am just using it as an example.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that don’t get annoyed simply because someone doesn’t like a film that you do. There are probably plenty of films that you love that I hate, but I would let you have your opinion and just leave it there, I wouldn’t consistently hound you because your opinion was different to mine.

I’m not going to say a film was good if I simply don’t think it was. I’m not here to fill anyone’s ego. I do this in my spare time because I enjoy writing about films and I choose to write about smaller films because it helps get attention to films that actually deserve it….if they actually deserve it. I’m pretty certain the director doesn’t even give a crap if someone doesn’t like his film. He has made his vision and you know what I will give credit to any director and/or writer that creates their vision. They have the time and patience that I don’t have to make a film and if I was wearing a hat, I would doth it to them.

Calling someone infantile for writing a review that doesn’t pander to your wish of your friend getting a bit of praise, and then following that up with a message whining like a child, is a beyond immature. I am happy to receive criticism when it is justified, or constructive. However, the main problem I have with your criticism was that you didn’t point out a single example of where I was being supposedly infantile in the review. You just launch into a personal attack (twice) without backing it up with facts, and that is why I have now moved your comments to the trash. There is no need for a personal attack on someone that had done nothing to you other than not like your friend’s film.

Everyone has different opinions on films, but the difference is that I respect that someone else’s opinion is different to mine and I don’t start hounding them with a response that a five- year-old would be embarrassed by. Then again, I did comment in my review that only five- year-olds would enjoy the type of humour that is attempted to be forced by calling your character a silly name.

Anyway, I’m going to leave this here as I am going on holiday in a few days and have another “Keeping it Reel” that I want to finish before I go.


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