Update : Silence, 2015 and Leeds

Hello all

Firstly, thank you to anyone who takes time out of their day to read any of my reviews, it is very much appreciated and with a steadily growing base of readers (I recently had a record number of hits in a day, doubling the previous amount), it gives me motivation to continue reviewing films

This is just a quick post to reference why my reviews have been so few and far between in recent weeks. I wanted to take a week off after writing a review for a horror movie every day during October, but that week turned into two weeks, and because of working two jobs I struggled to find the time to write reviews during November, and that will probably be the same during December.

I am going to be moving to Leeds, England, at the end of December to start a new role as a Project Co-ordinator within the company that I work for, and will spent most of Christmas packing and moving. The only time I’m getting to spend on this site is writing my now annual review of films that have been released at the cinema, and this year that will be spread across four articles. I will try and review films as well on a semi-regular basis as well, but I probably won’t be returning to my previous “one every three or four days” until at least January.

In the meantime, please feel free to like the page on Facebook for all updates, as well as the odd post about other things, including a few trailers every now and then that strike my interest for whatever reason.




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