The Overnight

I think we’ve reached that point in the evening where we should leave before anything crazy happens.

Year Released : 2015the_overnight_poster
Director: Patrick Brice
Cast : Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche

Going on from one actor who only ever seems to play the same character in each film, I move onto a film starring another actor that could be described in pretty much the exact same way, Jason Schwartzman. I’ve never been a particular fan of his, not even in the otherwise excellent “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” and a few months ago I started watching “7 Chinese Brothers” with the intention of reviewing it for this site, but found it ridiculously boring and turned it off after 25 minutes.

To be honest, the only thing attracting me to this film is that it has Adam Scott in it, one of my favourite comedic actors of the last few years after a variety of excellent showings in “Parks and Recreation” and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. His deadpan delivery of comedic lines fits right into my personal choice of comedy, but whether he can make the difference in a film that looks overwise luke-warm remains to be seen.

I’m not going to lie, from the trailer this just doesn’t look interesting, but I’m prepared to give things a chance these days, although whether I’d give it a chance if Scott wasn’t in it is very unlikely.


Alex (Scott) and Emily (Schilling) have recently moved to Los Angeles and have struggled to make friends after two weeks. One day they take their son to the park and he starts playing with another boy, and this leads them to meet that boy’s father, Kurt (Schwartzman). After trading pleasantries, Kurt invites the pair around to his house for a meal and they agree, excited at finally making a new friend.

They arrive at the exceptionally large house and although things seems very pleasant at first, the night starts taking a very bizarre tone when Kurt reveals his collection of paintings of (and there’s no nice way of putting this) the arseholes of his friends and family, and the night continues to get more and more disturbed as the evening goes on, eventually getting to the point where Emily wants to leave but Alex refuses.

Is an evening with a very open couple exactly what Alex and Emily need, or could it be the worst thing possible for their marriage?


Is it better than I’d hoped?

In a word, no, and the main reason for this is that despite being advertised as raunchy, thought provoking and funny, The Overnight is just kind of boring. It is 75 or so minutes worth of weird and when you find out what is going on and the reasons behind it, it doesn’t really feel like a pay off that’s been worth the effort to get to that stage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen far, far, far worse films than “The Overnight”, but for me there just didn’t seem to be a lot of point to the story, and the story isn’t really that interesting to begin with. The crux of the story is basically a seemingly that a couple gets invited around the house of a stranger, that stranger is in a seemingly perfect marriage and then all sorts of random shit goes off, making the couple very uncomfortable, although they ultimately get a sexual awakening.

“The Overnight” is very disappointing in the sense that it doesn’t feel like it’s any special. Yes, it’s rather more forward and sexually exploring than some other comedies, such as having paintings of arseholes and porn DVDs of Kurt breast pumping Charlotte in order to make some money. It is very unusual in many ways, but it offers precisely nothing new to the genre and the laughs throughout feel almost forced.

For example, one of the running jokes throughout the movie is that Alex has a tiny penis, and you even see it at one point at length (and I hope for Adam Scott that it was just a prosthetic), but it soon gets very old and yet they keep referencing it right until the end of the film.

Adam Scott is comfortably the best thing about “The Overnight”, as I was expecting going in. Scott’s dry sense of humour works perfect in this situation because the character is put in a situation that he is quite clearly not comfortable with, and Scott’s perfect delivery brings the character to life. I don’t know what it is about Adam Scott but he just nails every single role he is in (from what I’ve seen).


Despite the brilliant of Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman plays his character in pretty much the exact same way as he plays the majority of his roles and it just feels more like Adam Scott and co just went to his actual house and they filmed everything around him in a similar sense to Bowfinger. I wouldn’t be surprised if Schwartzman had never intentionally been in a film. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Schwartzman on a personal level, but he doesn’t offer anything to any roles that you wouldn’t have already seen in his other films, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of flexibility there.

Outside of the acting, the soundtrack to “The Overnight” is interesting to say the least. There is a section of the film in which is played in slow motion and there is a seemingly fun song playing to it, but then it you listen carefully, the song isn’t really that up tempo, it’s a bizarre choice of song and doesn’t even fit in with the scene. That’s the case throughout the film and not once does the music feel natural to the scene.

As I mentioned above, “The Overnight” is just dull and tedious and the very fact that it lasts barely over 75 minutes and yet I still felt no motivation to watch it in one sitting should tell you all that you need to know.



“The Overnight” is a boring way to spend 75 or so minutes of your life and had it not been for Adam Scott, the one saving grace of this film, then I wouldn’t have watched it beyond the first 45 minutes, but even then Scott can’t carry the film on his own wn and by the end I was wanting it to end.

The overall premise of the film just isn’t that interesting, everything feels forced and for a comedy, it’s just not that funny.

I don’t know whether it was just hyped too much by those that pitched it to me, but I just didn’t enjoy “The Overnight” at all


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