Kill Your Friends

We might as well just put a bunch of no-hopers on TV and have the public decide who should be Number 1!

Year Released : 2015kill-your-friends-movie-poster
Director : Owen Harris
Cast : Nicholas Hoult, Georgia King, Ed Hogg,  Tom Riley, Joseph Mawle, Jim Piddock and James Corden

As time moves on there has been a noticeable lack of originality in Hollywood. This is somewhat understandable because films have been arguably the biggest industry over the last 100 or so years, and everyone writes based on what has inspired them in life. Some will obviously use ideas from films that they’ve seen or books that they’ve read, and whilst sometimes it comes across as a still somewhat unique idea with borrowed elements, some are blatant rip-offs.

There are those films that are just blatant rip offs of others and hope that no-one will notice, such as how the “Hunger Games” is a blatant rip off of “Battle Royale” (it is hilarious that the author claims not to have seen the latter before writing her books).

From most of the reviews I’ve read, plus the trailer, “Kill Your Friends” appears to be a rip-off of one of my favourite films, “American Psycho”, although set in the 90s rather than the 80s and with a central character that just isn’t compelling.

We’ll see……


Steven (Hoult) is a high up music scout for A&R music and he is desperate to climb the corporate ladder, and he is given that opportunity once his boss is sacked. However, he takes great offence when the role is offered to Roger (Corden), a bumbling mess of a man. Steven pretends to be happy for Roger, but he tricks him into having a drug-riddled evening to celebrate, and subsequently kills him.

Put in temporary charge, Steven struggles to find the next hit, and when his latest find in the form of dance-anthem “Suck my Dick” (yes, really) fails miserably, Steven is replaced by Parker Hall (Riley), a rival from another promotion and a man who Steven is forced to admit is better at the job than him.

The police are also knocking on the door, with DC Woodham (Hall) assigned to the case, but Steven is able to manipulate him due to his desire to be a professional musician, but as the clues mount up, along with the pressure from Parker and the realisation that his secretary (King) knows that he killed Roger, Steven is forced to take matters further.


So is it original or is it the blatant rip off of “American Psycho” that I thought it would be?

“Kill Your Friends” is not so much as a blatant rip off of “American Psycho” as it is a seemingly glorified love letter to Hollywood, with the intention being that it would convince studios to allow Owen Harris to direct the rumoured remake of the Christian Bale masterpiece if it gets made. There are plot points that are outright stolen from not only the film, but also the Brett Easton Ellis novel that it’s based on, such examples include;

  • Long, drawn-0ut monologues.
  • Long, drawn-out monologues about taste in music.
  • A psychopatic professional that murders someone who is progressing faster than him, and then trying to cover it up.
  • The cop that investigates it treats that character as if he’s a friend, even ignoring blatant clues that the murdered is sat in front of him.
  • Sexual tension between the professional and his secretary.

The list could go on.

I couldn’t enjoy “Kill Your Friends” for two reasons. One is the aforementioned similarities to a far superior film, and that it’s a bit pointless. There’s not actually a point to the film. There isn’t a moral message. There is just no substance to it whatsoever and I was sat for 100 or so minutes just waiting to feel like the film was actually worth the effort that everyone concerned had put in….but it never came to it.

There is a growing trend in the film industry these days for movies to just be there, and to quote Agent Smith from the Matrix franchise….”it is without meaning or purpose”.


The acting is fine from everyone concerned, no-one actually puts in a bad step at any point, and it was fun seeing Georgia King again after her role as a teenage bully in Tormented. Nicholas Hoult, as the star, is arguably the person playing their role to their biggest capabilities, but the presence of James Corden is yet again pointless. He plays the same character he plays in pretty much every film or TV show he does, the fat waster (the characters, not him).

And for those of you that liked “Deadpool” and were potentially excited to see Ed Skrien again, don’t get too excited because his character is barely in the film. He is in it for maybe four/five minutes at most, and much like the aforementioned Marvel film, he has precisely zero character development, or even that much of a character. Much like the film, he is just sort of there.

I’ve done some maths and based on the average life span you will live for around 377,395 or 408,844 lots of 100 minutes in your life (depending on your gender). Being transgender I can only assume that I will fall somewhere in between those numbers, but even then I am questioning why I spent even just one of those lots on this film, regardless of how many I get.

It’s not an awful film by any stretch, but it’s also not that great and the current rating of 6.1/10 on IMDB is probably about right. It is bang average.



Whilst maybe not a blatant rip off of “American Psycho”, it is definitely inspired by that film, without ever even coming close to similar levels of entertainment. The lack of a compelling central character makes this a far inferior film to the one that it is obviously trying to pay homage to.

“Kill Your Friends” isn’t a fun movie, it’s barely even close to being enjoyable. It’s not awful by any stretch, but there are far, far better ways to 100 or so minutes of your life.



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