Bachelor Games

I would have thought that putting a child in hospital whilst high on coke might have made you grow up a bit!

Year Released : 2016Bachelor-Games-2016
Director : Edward McGown
Cast : Charlie Bewley, Jack Doolan, Jack Gordon, Mike Noble and Obi Abili

So whilst I’m working on tidying up the site a bit (working on a few old reviews and adding more features….for example, notice the Facebook link to the left of the page), I took the time to watch and review another this, “Bachelor Games”.

I decided to watch it not knowing a lot going in, and let’s face it, it is one of the less interesting movie posters that you’ve ever seen, but what is lacks in some areas, it’ll hopefully make up for in others. I’m not even entirely sure what genre it is, I’m going to guess horror, and I love a good old Brit-horror……having said that I am British so that’s not exactly a stretch is it?

Hopefully I’ll be returning to reviewing on a semi-regular basis again soon, so this should be the first of many to come in a relatively quick succession (well, compared to normal anyway)


Leon (Bewley) has decided to Mexico for his stag do with friends Terence (Doolan), Roy (Noble), Max (Abili) and best man Henry (Gordon). The lads have a long trip planned, and after a night of drinking, Henry convinces them to climb a mountain. Terence wakes up to find his watch missing and is the first to drop out when the heat gets too much.

The remaining members of the group hear about a legend of a man, known as “The Hunter”, who had his head cut off by his rival, but they just laugh it off. The group continues up the trail until they find a pink polo shirt covered in blood stains, the shirt worn by Terence when he walked off. The group quickly starts disappearing and Henry retreats into a cave, only to be cornered by “The Hunter”. He successfully manages to stab “The Hunter”, but it turns out to be nothing more than Terence in disguise, and it is revealed to have been a plan by Leon to get back at Henry for sleeping with his fiance.

With the group at breaking point, they start heading back to the hotel before finding their guide (who had previously run off) dangling from a tree. They cut him down, but he is quickly taken down by an arrow, and the group realises that there is a very genuine threat out there.


A decent film or a forgettable foray?

“Bachelor Games” is never going to be one of those films that is going to be remembered for long than a few days after it’s initially watched. It’s not a bad film by any stretch and as I write this I am still debating whether to give it the approved badge or not, which just shows that it’s not bad at all.

I’m going to start with my one main negative from the film and that is the fact that the very first scene is Leon in a police interrogation room, and he talks about how it wasn’t supposed to go the way he did. Whilst it’s good at setting a scene for what you might be about to see for the next 80something minutes of your life, it takes any real tension out of any scene in which the character is on the cusp of death. You know he survives before you’ve even started.

That doesn’t really weaken the character though and the characters are relatively well written. The good thing about having a small cast is that you have a great chance to develop your characters and in an 85 minute run time, you learn a lot about quite a few of them. For example, you learn that Terence is a drug addict, Roy very jealous about the careers and opportunities that the others have, Max is basically always on edge and is a walking ball of rage, Leon definitely has a dark and angry side, and Henry, well, is just Henry. You’re constantly learning new things about each of the characters, and that is refreshing.

Overall there isn’t really a lot to say about “Bachelor Games”, and this is one of the shortest reviews I think I’ve ever written, but it’s definitely one of those films that you can just sit back, watch and not really have to think about things too much.


After what I am pretty sure is the shortest review I’ve written for this site, I have decided to give it the approvedapproved stamp, simply because I can’t really think of that many genuine reasons not to.

Whilst the fact that you know Leon survives before the film has even properly started, it doesn’t disengage you from the film overall, and there is something to be said for that.

Don’t get in expecting the best film in the world,it’s not that much better than average, but it’s a decent enough way to spend 80odd minutes of your time.


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