Truth or Dare

So what if I said it? Why the fuck would I write it on a postcard?

Year Released : 2012

Director : Robert Heath

Cast : David Oakes, Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon, Florence Hall, Jennie Jacques, Alex Valhos and Tom Kane

So there will be a few out there that might be wondering why I keep reviewing horror films if I don’t get any enjoyment out of them. The simple answer is that they have nothing complicated about them, and are easy to come by. There is an entire channel in my native UK decided purely to horror movies, imaginatively called “The Horror Channel”, so if I’m ever stuck for something to review then I am just a quick flick of the channel and there will be something on.

That’s not to say that the channel is full of good films, far from it infact. It’s full of some of the lowest budget nonsense that I’ve ever seen, but there are occasionally some gems in there, hence why I keep going back to it and the genre.

There is also the fact that this seems like a British horror, and I am a big fan of horror films from my native England. I’d love to review more than just “The Cottage” one day, but I think the other ones, such as “Severance” and “Creep” are far too well known for me to justify it given I only want to review obscure, rarely heard of films. For those that haven’t read the site before, if I see a film I want to review, I look at IMDB and if it has more than 10,000 votes then I don’t review it.


A few months after he is embarrassed at a party in a game of truth or day, shy Felix (Kane) invites the same group to his birthday party in a remote cabin. When they arrive it turns out that Felix knew nothing of the party and it was intended to be a surprise by his brother Justin (Oakes). After a dull start, Justin suggests that they start a game of truth or dare. After a few rounds Justin reveals that Felix has committed suicide and he invited them all around to investigate what happened as he blames the group. He ties all of them up and reveals that one of the group sent a postcard with “Truth or Dare, bitch” written on it, and the group immediately blames Chris (Gordon).

Chris chooses dare when it gets to him, but Justin tips up Gemma’s (Hall) chair. Justin forces a tube down her throat and says that it is connected to two bottles, one is filled with water, the other with battery acid. Chris successfully picks the side with water, but when it comes Liam’s (Boyle) turn, Chris is tipped up and he chooses with side with battery acid, killing Chris.

Soon after another member of the group turns up, and whilst Justin is sorting them out, Gemma successfully frees herself after getting to a saw on the workstation. She escapes and goes to find help, but Justin is close behind.

So, a rare decent film on The Horror Channel?

“Truth or Dare” has an interesting concept on some levels, and the torture porn element to it does have a bit of story behind it to be fair. It’s not simply just a body count for the sake of having a body count, and the main antagonist has a good reason for being as angry as he was. That being said, this isn’t a good film.

Whilst the antagonist is fairly decently done, the other characters are just so one dimensional that it was genuinely hard to start giving the slightest fuck about them. You can have the best antagonist in the world, but if the protagonists just aren’t that engaging then it’s really hard to me to find myself becoming invested in them. When you don’t care about the characters, how can you be impacted by their deaths?

Even if they were more than one dimensional characters, I would still found myself struggling to really care about their struggle because none of them are actually that likeable, they don’t have deeming features and I just complete indifference to what was happening to them. I’m not saying it’s poorly acted, I’m just saying it is poor characterisation!

I’m going to finish this review with what I consider to be a bit of a hole that made it fall into the realm of being unrealistic nonsense.Firstly, the characters are late teens, maybe 18/19, and I refuse to believe that they would interrupt a house-party to play a game of truth or dare, or seemingly take up any opportunity to play the game. Set in my native UK, I can assure you that the interest of the vast, vast majority of late teens would not half a party to play a childhood game. Just no.


“Truth or Dare” had an interesting concept that soon stopped being interesting one your realise that people in their late teens are not likely to play truth or dare. Even if you ignore that aspect of it, it is hard to find anything to overly enjoy whilst watching it.

It’s not poorly acted, but it’s just bland, relatively uninteresting realisation of what could have been an interesting and dark story.

Just meh!


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