Space Babes From Outer Space

A bedtime story? Are you fucking kidding me?

Year Released : 2017

Director : Brian Williams

Cast : Ellie Church, Allison Maier, Alyss Winkler and Brian Papandrea

You know when you see a movie and then look at the plot and you know that you have to watch it, even if it’s just to see how bad it is? That’s how I felt when I found a movie called “Space Babes From Outer Space’, a seemingly raunchy comedy. This is definitely not the sort of film that I usually review for this site, or even watch, but when you see a film that uses the same word twice in it’s five word title then it would be hard to avoid the urge.

I have low expectations going into this based on the plot and trailer, but you never know, it could turn out to be genius, and the surprisingly high rating of 6.9/10 on IMDB indicates that it might not actually be that bad….having said that, I’ve seen that sort of thing before and it’s been a case of the cast members and crew giving the film high ratings themselves.

We’ll see.


A man is convinced into telling his grandson a bedtime story. He tells starts telling a story about a humanoid life form that are now all female after they tricked their male counterparts into all climbing on a doomed spaceship under the guise of getting sandwiches. The males then turned into hideous monsters that now pursue the women across space. One day three of them are shot and need energy, so make their way to Earth after a high energy search.

Soon after landing they find a farmboy named Charlie (Papandrea) and they soon realise that his penis is the source of the energy. They go to a local strip club to try and gain more energy from more penis’, but Charlie falls for Carrieola (Church). As Vanassa (Maier) and Ragyna (Winkler) try to arouse the men at the strip club, Charlie and Carrieola try a more personal touch.

So was it as bad as I had anticipated?

I’ve reviewed close on 250 films on this site, possibly closer on the 300 side, but not once have I come out of a film thinking “what the fuck did I just watch?”

“Space Babes from Outer Space” is one of the most unique films I have ever watched, but also one where I am completely conflicted about whether I liked it or not. I’m going to come out with it, as cheesy as it is, and as much as it exploits the female cast members, there is something charming about this nonsense film. I’m not going to sit here and praise the film but it doesn’t really warrant any real lauding, but on the flip side it doesn’t deserve to be given a negative review.

I suspect most people will watch the trailer, or look at the low rent title, and think that this is a softcore-porn movie and I can definitely see why. There are a lot of sex jokes in the movie, the spaceship is shaped like a breast, there is a scene where two characters have sex (although you don’t see anything more than you’d see in most mainstream films these days) and I think I am right in saying that there are only two female characters in the entire film that haven’t shown their chests by the end of the runtime. It is a film which is degrading to women on some level, but is also an interesting look at how women can easily get men wrapped around their little finger.

If you’re into films from the 1980s, which I am, then you will probably find something about this whole endeavor that seems very familiar. It is a very nostalgic feeling movie and that certainly isn’t a bad thing. Hair-metal rock is used throughout the run time, and the look of the film is full of 80s tropes, such as neon, laughable poor (and I suspect intentionally so) visuals of the scenes set in space, and some raunchy jokes which most films don’t dare to try these days. This film couldn’t have a more nostalgic feel if it tried.

There is one scene that I really couldn’t fathom the editorial choice on though, and that was when Charlie introduces Carrieola to his family and for some reason a laugh track is added to this scene. At first I thought that maybe it was a TV screen on in the backgrounds of the shot, but there isn’t one to be seen and the laugh track ruined the scene, especially as the laughs don’t correspond with anything funny being said.

Other than that though, it is hard to find something that I distinctively disliked about the movie. There is a lot more than the movie you’d initially think, and it certainly isn’t the type of film that you think it would be from the trailer.


Whilst it would be easy to write this off as softcore porn from the trailer and plot, it genuinely isn’t. This is more like a mix between “Star Trek”, “American Pie”, “Road Trip” and “Sex Drive” wrapped into one, albeit with far more focus on the raunchy side than anything else.

I’m not going to give it my approved stamp because it really doesn’t warrant it, but on the flip side it certainly isn’t deserving of being slagged off.

If you can find it then I’m almost leaning on the side of encouraging you to watch it.


5 thoughts on “Space Babes From Outer Space

  1. The laugh track at dinner was reminiscent of Natural Born Killers.
    And like NBK, it seems to be placed exactly for the effect it has. It doesn’t sync up with anything and there is no timing.
    In my opinion, it’s showcasing the awkwardness, uncomfortableness and maybe even inappropriateness of the moment.


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