Please don’t leave me, I’ll show you my boobs!

Year Released : 2017

Director : Peter Herro

Cast : Callie Ott, Andrea Hunt, Nick Reilly, Ben Norris, Sarah Agor, Adam Foster and Johnny Fiore

So it’s day two of my second ever month long horror review marathon. After yesterday’s rather disappointing “Jackals” I move onto a film I’m less than enthusiastic about, “WTF!”. If I’m not a fan of horror in genre, I’m less of a fan of slasher flicks for the general reason that they tend not to have good character building in them and those that survive are often the obvious ones.

I know very little about this film going into it, which to be fair is true of the majority of the films I review on this site, so I could easily be wrong and it could turn out to be a masterpiece, however, every time I have written that it has turned out to be far from the case and I have been justified in my skepticism.


Several years ago Rachel (Ott) was the only survivor of a massacre in which all of her friends died. She is now planning on going away for spring break with her friends, although Bonnie (Hunt) letting it slip about the massacre to her friends makes her think twice briefly. Whilst there Rachel keeps having flashbacks to the previous massacre and her refusal to have sex frustrates her boyfriend into flirting with the other girls there.

Whilst playing computer games Bevan (Foster) has his neck slashed wide open and in the ensuing paranoia Sam (Fiore) is also murdered as the slasher cuts his penis off. As time goes on and the bodies mount, paranoia starts to turn the group against each other.

So is it a good slasher, or is it like the majority?

I’m not entirely sure whether this is meant to be a satire or not because it is so full of stereotypes that you’re not sure if they’re doing it on purpose.

The various cliches seen throughout include;

  • Almost every single female character showing their chest at some point, regardless of whether they’re a main character or not.
  • An attendant at a desert petrol station warning them that they shouldn’t go where they are going.
  • The majority of those on the trip being obsessed with drugs and sex
  • The only male character without a girlfriend is mocked by being called homosexual
  • All of the male characters consistently making references to sex
  • One of the female characters having a shower and the film focuses on it for no reason other than to show some flesh.

Despite all of those, the biggest frustration with the movie was that as per usual it is hard to feel sorry for any of the characters as none of them are anything beyond one-dimensional, and they are ridiculously unlikable. Why should I care about them dying if I don’t like them? Not a single one of them has a redeeming feature. I’m going to compare it a few times from now on to “Lost After Dark”, another slasher film but one that actually builds the characters relatively well and actually makes you care about them. You want those characters to survive, but that’s not the case with “WTF!”

“WTF!” is remarkably predictable. Like most horror films, the character that it intends to allow to survive to the end is obvious. It’s nearly always the shy, unassuming one that ends up outliving the other characters and that continues here. At the beginning of the film Rachel is sat near a small pool with the other five characters that go with her to the cabin, she is the only one not wearing a bathing suit and is sat there in normal clothes. Then as they’re heading to the cabins she is the only female character not having sex, and then her attire actually on holiday is far more conservative than the other girls. I’m sorry, but no, it’s a painful stereotype that takes away from any real tension.

With a mercifully short run time of just 80 minutes, the film spends too much time focusing on the characters getting naked, taking drugs and play computer games and it almost seems like they got to the 43 minute mark and remembered “oh, we haven’t killed someone yet” because there are precisely zero hints before Bevan is killed that there is someone out to kill someone. There is precisely zero build towards being a slasher film, it just flips into one without justification.

“Lost After Dark” and the considerably better known “Cabin in the Woods” are how you should do slasher films that revolve around young. They are satirical in nature, but also pay homage to the genre without mocking the intelligence of their audience. “WTF!” is basically trash, and I’m just talking in general, not just in comparison to the two aforementioned movies.

Not one single person will come out of this movie with any credit, whether it be the cast members who all put in diabolically bad performances, or whether it is the crew. This is a CV ruiner.

On the positive side, and pretty much the only positive I can think of, I did like the intro-credits scene, the evidence that has all of the names of the cast and crew written all over it.


This is trash. There is precisely nothing about this film that would even make me think for a second about giving it the approved stamp.

This is a slasher film for the Facebook generation, or the group commonly known as Millennials. If you’re part of either of those groups then you might like this, but if you have any taste, or were born before the 21st century began then you will rightfully hate this.

Do not watch this abomination!


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