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Year Released : 2015

Director : Pascal Trottier

Cast : Chloe Rose, Rossif Sutherland, Robert Patrick, Emir Hirad Mokhtarieh, Adelaide Humphreys and Joe Silvaggio

So we’re now more than a week into the second “Season of Horror” and I must admit that I am starting to remember why I got frustrated last time. It’s not that I quickly tire of reviewing films because I genuinely don’t, it’s more that in horror there are so many bad films that it is tricky to find good ones, but I’m not going to not review bad films simply to try and give more approved stamps than are deserved.

So we move onto “Hellions”, which looks like a decent concept from the trailers, but only has a rating of 4.2/10 on IMDB at the time of writing.

Sometimes films on IMDB have low ratings when they should be higher and vice versa, let’s see where this one falls.


Dora (Rose) discovers on Halloween that she is about four weeks pregnant. Later that evening she has a vision of giving birth to a monster whilst in the bath and she is scared by the idea of having a child at just 17. The first kid that comes by for trick or treat freaks her out as he stands there in a sack-mask, not saying a word and breathing very heavily.

The same kid appears a few hours later with another kid wearing a bucket on his head, and the sack-mask kid touches Dora’s stomach, instantly causing her pain. They return again later with yet another child, but they reveal that their bags contain Dora’s boyfriend’s head.

She phones the police as a white light engulfs the house. What is happening?

Is it truly deserving of a 4.2 on IMDB?

At first I was a bit puzzled as whilst a little on the cheap side in terms of production values and performances, it was largely ok, but then it soon became apparent why is hasn’t got a great rating, it is visually repulsive for a hefty chunk of the film and isn’t that engaging.

It’s hard to really sum up why this film doesn’t work, but as mentioned above you’re just getting into the story when all of a sudden the visual quality takes a massive dip and the low budget nature becomes almost comical. The film suddenly develops a red filter that is very distracting indeed. This also signifies the point at which the story suddenly became a lot less interesting, and reading the comments on IMDB show that I’m not the only person who feels this way.

Aside from that the acting was ok from Chloe Rose, but Rossif Sutherland’s over the top performance left a lot to be desired. The kids in the film do a decent job without actually having to do a lot.

On the positive side of things the plot is quite original. Whilst home invasion and being surrounded by other worldly beings isn’t new, the fact it is kids actually means that it isn’t generic, and they are kinda of creepy in many ways.


The film started off very well and for the first twenty odd minutes I was very confused as to why this had such a low score on IMDB, but then it soon started becoming apparent. The film loses focus and tension after that aforementioned period and never succeeds in getting it back.

“Hellions” is a decent effort, but it has too many flaws to really make me even want to consider watching it again.

In general I’d say avoid.


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