The Facility

If you visited the north pole it’d be too cold to piss

Year Released : 2012

Director : Ian Clark

Cast : Aneurin Barnard, Alex Reid, Amit Shah, Jack Doolan, Skye Lourie, Steve Evets, Nia Roberts, Oliver Coleman, Emily Butterfield and Chris Larkin

As I have mentioned a few times on this site before I absolutely love British horror films. Admittedly being British it is quite easy for me to have an affinity for films from my homeland, but I do genuinely believe that some of the better horror films of the last twenty years have come from my native UK”.

“28 Days Later” is arguably the best known British horror of the twenty-first century, whereas I also loved “Creep”, “Severance” and “The Cottage” to name just three. So based on that I got excited when I turned the ever reliable *raises eyebrow* Horror Channel on and there was a British horror film on called “The Facility”.

Hopefully I’ll be about to add another film to that aforementioned list.


Seven people have volunteered for to trial a new drug called Pro9 for two weeks, although no-one is entirely sure what it does. Jed (Coleman) soon becomes exceptionally irritable and violent. Arif (Shah) also begins showing odd behaviour and turns up cover in blood. Upon further investigations he has bludgeoned Dr. Mansell (Larkin).

The volunteers realise that they are falling to the effects in the order that they were given the injections, meaning that they only have a certain amount of time each before they all start succumbing to the reaction, but then it turns out that some were only given placebos and now have a race against time as they’re locked in there with the infected.

So is it a decent British horror film?

“The Cottage”, “Severance”, “Creep” and “28 Days Later” are examples of decent to great British horror films. All have something about them which many them defining examples in the category of British horror films and whilst they’re not the only films that fit into the group, “The Facility” certainly doesn’t.

I’m not sure whether it is because I have seen it before or not, but there is something very familiar about “The Facility”. I’m pretty certain I have seen it before but I’m not sure when or where from, it’s either that or I haven’t seen it and it’s just predictable, and either way that is not a good sign. Either I haven’t seen it before and that makes it tremendously unoriginal, or I have seen it before and unforgotten, meaning that it is completely unremarkable. I’m not sure which is the case but I know that it is definitely not worth remembering.

Whether it be the incredibly predictable and often tediously one-dimensional characters, there is nothing about this film that makes me want to get behind the characters and that is always a bad thing with these types of films. Even before it becomes evident what is happening I had already been less than engaged with several characters.

Arif is one such example. He is the character that is very quiet at the beginning and seems perplexed by the fact he hasn’t got a private room and has to share. He is a bland character and thankfully he is one of the first infected, as is the character of Jed, who is equally as tedious with his over-compensating level of vanity.

All of the characters are basically stereotypes of what you would expect. You’ve got the older, unemployed guy that thinks he knows everything. Another character isa journalist who can’t put her camera and laptop down long enough to care about anyone else. Those are just two examples of poorly written characters that never develop beyond their primary personality traits.

Ultimately “The Facility” is one of those horror films that offers little in the terms of scares, tension or anything even remotely resembling anything worth watching.


A completely forgettable horror film that offers precisely nothing new to the genre and is not deserving of it’s rating of just 4.9/10 on IMDB at the time of writing….that’s far too high.

The characters are one dimensional and generic stereotypes. You’re given no reason to want them to survive and that is the cardinal sin of films of any genre, let alone horror films.

Just avoid.


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