The Last of Us : Alone

Every night the boy asks me if I am going to leave him, but I tell him I ain’t ever leaving him!

Year Released : 2017


Director : Carl Zhang

Cast : Alex Rendall, Emilio Ortiz, Michael Redfearn and David Lam

So recently I reviewed a short film by these same guys based on the game “The Last of Us” called “No Escape”. I thoroughly enjoyed the short film and I figured that as I have been playing through the game again recently, it would be a good time to review their other short film based on the game, “Alone”.

It feels somewhat cheating for this month long look at horror films to review a short, but at the end of the day it’s a horror film and if it’s as good as the “No Escape” short that they did then it’ll be worth the time.


Joel (Rendall) awakens from a nightmare in the wood when he encounters a man and a child in the woods, with the former looking menaningly at him. Joel threatens the man but soon sees that he is surrounded by men with guns. He decides to shoot anyway, attacking several clickers to the area.

The clicker kills the hidden gunman before moving onto Joel, but he eventually manages to kill it. He and the boy make a run for it as they’re hunted by further clickers.

Will they make it to Boston?


As good as “No Escape”?

I said it in the “No Escape” review and I’ll say it again, if they do ever make a “Last of Us” movie adaptation then I want Carl Zhang to do it. He has mastered the same tone of the games, especially the look, feel and atmosphere is exceptionally similar to the games. The use of the same soundtrack as the game really aids in this and it does feel like a genuine struggle for survival.

Those that haven’t played the games probably won’t truly understand what the monsters are, but that’s the beauty of the situation. In a short you don’t need to have played the games to understand how dangerous they are. They don’t need a back story and in many ways this makes them seem even scarier.

This is a much shorter review than usual because there simply isn’t a lot to talk about. Just watch it.


“The Last of Us : Alone” is an excellent short film based on the game of the same name (well, most of the same name). It matches the atmosphere and feel of the game and that is something that is so hard to catch.

It looks great, the acting is effective and the dialogue, whilst limited, is effected.

As before, as there isn’t a trailer I’m simply going to share the short film below.


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