The Dyatlov Pass Incident

If they could hear an avalanche then why did they stay away from the camp for three hours?

Year Released : 2013

Director : Renny Harlin

Cast : Holly Goss, Matt Stokoe, Gemma Atkinson, Ryan Hawley and Luke Albright

So as we start creeping towards the end of the month look at horror films I am reviewing a found footage film for the first time during that run, and it is a sub-genre of horror that I haven’t actually looked at in some time.

Those long term readers know that I am not generally a fan of found-footage films, with the majority being horrendously predictable and unenjoyable. There are a few exceptions to the rule, such as some entires to the [REC] franchise.

I doubt this will also be an exception.


In 1959 a group of Russian scientists went into the Ural mountains and were dead within three days. Many theories came and went about what happened but no-one is entirely sure. In the present day a group of students from Oregon decide to go and explore what truly happened.

After the first night there are strange tracks around their camp that are well over a foot in length each, but what makes it even stranger is that none of the prints lead either in or out of the camp. A few hours later the same tracks appear elsewhere after a strange sound echos throughout the area. A few nights later and further sounds cause an avalanche that kills Denise (Atkinson).

Is it the government trying to kill them, or is it something more sinister?

A decent found footage movie?

There are some generic tropes that a lot of found footage movies tend to go with no matter what, with arguably the least enjoyable for me being that it takes forever to built it up to anything happening. In each one they spend forever talking to witnesses that ultimately add very little to the story and unfortunately it is the same here.

Don’t get me wrong, building up the story is important, but you don’t need to spend around 1/4 of what in this case is a lengthy run time doing it. The problem is that the remainding 3/4 is bland, very bland. I was just exceptionally bored by this lifeless found footage movie and the longer it went on, the less and less I found myself compelled to finish it.

The character of Holly is ridiculously annoying because whilst it is easy to admire her passion for finding out what happened, she is quite frankly the stupidest type of movie character. If she was in a sci-fi movie then she would be the first to touch a liquid that she wasn’t familiar with and then be surprised when something negative happens to her. She finds a door that can only be opened from the outside, making it clear whoever put it there was trying to trap something, and yet she has to be physically restrained from opening it.

Unfortunately I can’t think of a single positive in relation to this movie as any potentially interesting plot points are lost in a lifeless movie.


A bit of a lifeless horror movie that offers precisely nothing new to the genre. Potentially interesting aspects of the plot are brushed over and mean that they are lost in amongst the tedious movie.

At a relatively lengthy run time for a found footage film, too much time is spent exploring the theories of others regarding the incident and it had already lost me within the first hour of viewing.



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