Goon : Last of the Enforcers

Evolve, or go extinct!

Year Released : 2017

Director : Jay Baruchel

Cast : Sean William Scott, Wyatt Russell, Alison Pill, Liev Schreiber, Kim Coats and Callum Keith Rennie

I have always been a fan of hockey but never really took a keen interest until I moved to the English town of Blackburn in mid-2013. Whilst there I started watching the Blackburn Hawks team, eventually working for them by producing the official highlights packages, and then started keeping a close eye on the results of my favourite NHL team, the Calgary Flames.

During my time there the Hawks reached the Playoffs in each of the years and went regular an entire season unbeaten, but it’s not been nearly two years since my last game for them.

Anyway, in that time I started this site and reviewed a few hockey movies, but only one was released at UK cinemas, “The Goon”, a story about a pair of hockey players who fight better than they skate, and the sequel was out at UK cinemas last year. It has now appeared on Netflix so I figured why not review it?


Doug (Scott) is forced to retire after being badly beaten by the volatile Anders Cain (Russell), who happens to be the son of the owner of Doug’s club, Hyrum Cain (Rennie). Doug is forced to retire due to injuries sustained and takes an office job, but his disappointment is soon fixed when he learns that wife Eva (Pill) is pregnant.

With the team having an horrendous start to the season, Hyrum signs Anders and makes him captain, but he has no interest in anything else other than winning, quickly alienating most of the team, and the unexpected return of Doug could prove to be a very bad thing indeed.

So, is this a good sequel?

There are great sequels (John Wick 2, Terminator 2 and Aliens for example), there are ok sequels (Guardians of the Galaxy 2), there are bad sequels (anything in the Resident Evil franchise) and fifty layers of shit down there are follow ups that are just as bad as “Goon : The Last Enforcer”.

I can’t remember a lot about the first film because I only watched it once, but I certainly didn’t think it deserved a sequel. This is one of those examples of a sequel making the first like like a masterpiece in comparison.

Everything seems completely inconsequential and you’re never once convinced that Anders won’t eventually get his comeuppance at the hands of Doug. Everything feels completely flat and lifeless, especially the plot. Nothing at all feels like a genuine stress and feels completely pointless.

This isn’t helped by the performance of the lead actor. Seann William Scott seems completely disinterested in the role and plays it like a man who has been told that his dog will be shot if he smiles or shows any form of charisma. He made his name with memorable roles, such as Stifler in the “American Pie” franchise, but all life and drive seems to have been sucked out of him in this performance. I would go as far as saying that had I seen this at the cinema last year, not only would the film have been a definite bottom ten contender, but Scott’s performance would almost certainly win the worst performance award….if I did one.

Then again, the character of Doug isn’t really given anything to do during he film, nor are any others really. There aren’t any characters in this movie, even Anders Cain being an extremely weak antagonist as he isn’t really given any noteworthy secondary characteristics.


This is bad. I could end this just there and then, but it wouldn’t quite do it for me. There isn’t really a single positive I can recommend about this. The characters are bland and the story itself is completely uninspiring.

Not once did I feel engaged in the story due to the predictable nature, and it is hard to even motivate myself to write this review due to the lifeless performances from the principle cast.

Just avoid.


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