Is this 9/11 again?

Year Released : 2017

Director : Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott

Cast : Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow

It’s a Friday evening in my native England and today I got sent home from work five hours early because of the increasing level of snow that is covering covering the country. For those that don’t know, England does not cope remotely well at the sign at snow, and every time it snows the land goes into chaos. It really is about time that our government talks to countries such as Canada and Russia that actually cope well with considerably worse conditions.

Anyway, so I found myself with not a lot to do to be honest. I cleaned by room A LOT, re-organising everything, considering starting a new VLOG on Youtube and so on, but once I eventually go through all of that I still had five hours until midnight and I thought to myself that it was time to watch a film.

I’ve settled on Bushwick, mainly because it has Dave Bautista in it. I was a general fan of his during his WWE run and he is one of the shining stars of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” cast. I’m not optimistic, but you never know, this could be exceptional.


Lucy (Snow) is walking through the subway system with Jose (Arturo Castro) wen a message comes over the tannoy telling them to leave. When they near the exit a man runs through on fire. Jose tries to see what is happening up above but is caught in an explosion, soon dying as he collapses down stairs. Lucy then goes above and witnesses large scale riots. She is eventually rescued by Stupe (Bautista).

The two make their way through a school whilst trying to evade the terrorists. Stupe gets glass through his leg and the two bond whilst mending the injury. They eventually reach Lucy’s grandmother’s house but she has been killed.

Both start to question whether they will survive.

So a good way to spend a Friday evening?

In many ways this movie reminds of me “No Escape”, which was my favourite film of 2015. It is about people trying to get from one place to another whilst under attack from seemingly limitless antagonists. That’s about where the similarities end. “No Escape” was my favourite film of that year because it had good characters, looked fairly decent visually, had genuine moments of tension and every threat felt completely genuine. “Bushwick” unfortunately had very little of that.

I actually think that this movie was written whilst someone was playing “The Last of Us” because there are scenes that a like low-rent versions of that. For example, quite early on Stupe gets a bit of glass through the leg and they have to remove it, something similar happens in that game, and there is an early moment when he is teaching Lucy how to use a good, but again, that’s about where the similarities end.

It’s almost like an amalgamation of the two without being anywhere near as good as either.

“Bushwick” isn’t a bad film, but it lacks any genuine emotional connection between the characters or with the viewers. There was not one point that I felt their lives were in any genuine danger. For example, quite early on there is a scene in which they are trying to evade a sniper. The sniper takes what I would guess is close on 15 shots and never seems to get close.

If I was to use a word to describe the film then it would be careless. Dead characters are still clearly breathing, Dave Bautista doesn’t seem to want to be there and ultimately the story isn’t actually investable. It’s just kind of there.


Something that has clearly taken inspiration from various other media sources and yet somehow manages to miss out on get close to any of them in terms of similar levels of quality.

“Bushwick” is a bad film, but it certainly isn’t great and the current IMDB average rating of 5.2/10 seems about right.



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