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Year Released: 2017

Director: Quinn Shephard

Cast: Quinn Shephard, Nadia Alexander, Chris Messina and Tate Donovan

I recently watched ‘Midnight Sun’ and got that annoying thing that all movie goers…..recognising someone from something else, but you are never sure where from. I went to watch “Rampage” yesterday and had the same thing with someone who I hadn’t actually seen before, and I think that is even more frustrating.

So after researching Quinn Shephard, it turned out that I hadn’t seen anything else with her in, but she stared and directed something that has been on my ‘to watch list’ for a while. “Blame” is one of those films that I saw a trailer for and liked, but ultimately was probably never going to watch it. I’m only watching it now to end a poor run on this site.

I’m currently on a run of just one approved stamp out of twelve movies reviewed this year, but I have reasonably high hopes for his based on other reviews….but I’ve said that before.

Please let this be good.


Abigail (Shephard) returns to school after some time away in a psychiatric ward. She is instantly ostracised by her classmates, referring to her as the nickname ‘ Psycho Sybil’. Later she goes into a class and the substitute teacher Jeremy (Messina) starts a book about the Salem witch trials. Jeremy decides to choose Abigail over the confident Melissa (Alexander) to play the central antagonist, much to the anger of the latter and her friends.

As time goes on Abigail starts becoming less conservative in the way that she dresses, even losing a limp that she had developed. Her student/teacher relationship with Jeremy becomes more intense as they start an intimate relationship and this upsets Melissa even more, who hides her insecurities and abuse from her guardian behind a facade of confidence.

This causes Melissa to take a drastic action that may have dire consequences for everyone involved.

So is this a long-overdue positive review, or another one for the poor pile?

So I saw a lot about how good this film was from the numerous reviews and for a while, I was seeing why. It was sleek and the cinematography was on point, but at times it is frightfully dull and drags badly.

This movie is 100 minutes long and yet feels like it lasts longer than films such as ‘Avatar’ and ‘Titanic’. I actually started doing something that I haven’t had a chance to do for a while, not even for films I’ve given scathing reviews to…I was checking how long was left. From one excruciating tedious moment to the next, I never found myself actually engaged with the story.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad film, the acting is pretty decent throughout, with the two leads doing excellently in their respective roles. This is helped by giving characters who don’t feel forced and natural, and this is reflected throughout the entire screenplay.

One noteworthy comment I need to give is about the character of Jeremy, who is actually quite likeable for the most part. During my last review for ‘Dismissed’ I criticised it for having one of the main characters being a teacher who would drive you to depression during the lessons, but thankfully the teacher in this film is far less tedious. Messina does a good job and portrays the character in a way that I wouldn’t have begrudged having as a teacher during my youth.


I should never really be at the point of describing an otherwise decent movie as tediously slow, but unfortunately, I am there. “Blame” is not a bad film, but it just drags so badly that 100 minutes feels like it is double that and that is ultimately why it becomes yet another film I’ve reviewed in 2018 that isn’t going to get my approved stamp.

I’m used to films that are slow builds, but this was just a bit too much for me and it is a shame as the acting, characters and cinematography are all pretty decent.

Without going quite as far as saying “avoid”, I’m not going to recommend this either.

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