Wembley Winners

When you think about where this club has been, this is the first time in a while they’ve not been in survival mode!

Year Released : 2018

Director : Sam Ashoo

Cast : The squad and management of Lincoln City Football Club

Today is my 34th birthday and I’ve returned home for a little break to “celebrate”. Here waiting for me were three or four DVDs or Blu-Rays, and one of them is effectively a sequel to a production I was involved in last year. I feel like I slightly cheated giving “Impossible is just an Opinion” the approved stamp given that I helped my friend Sam put it together, although my role was quite minor.

He again asked for my help with some information about this, so without knowing as this stage whether I am officially credited again (it doesn’t bother me if I’m not), it again feels a bit cheeky reviewing something I helped make.

During the 2017/18 season my football team, Lincoln City, continued their resurgence by winning the much-maligned Checkatrade Trophy. This was made more historic by it being the first time the Imps had ever played at Wembley Stadium. It was the obvious highlight of a season in which the club also just missed out on a second promotion in as many years.

So I’m not expecting it to be as good as the aforementioned previous DVD, but hopefully it will still be pretty decent.


Following on from promotion the previous season, Lincoln City FC adapted well to life back in League Two for the first time since 2011, but whilst back-to-back promotions proved to be a task slightly beyond the Imps, a first appearance in the Football League Trophy in seven years, currently under the guise of the Checkatrade Trophy, would be a chance for a second cup run in as many seasons.

Being drawn into a group with the U23 side of Everton, as well as local rivals Mansfield Town and Notts County. Winning all three of the group games, City would go through the rounds in convincing manner, and a first ever trip to Wembley Stadium soon seemed more than just a dream.

Eventually more than 27,000 City fans made their way to the national stadium, more than double their opponents, League One high-flyers Shrewsbury Town.

So is it as good as “Impossible Is Just An Opinion”?

In short, no, but that is not really a negative situation given that they are two very different productions. The reasons for this are that this only covers eight games, whereas “Impossible Is Just An Opinion” saw highlights of more than 50 games. There are several other reasons why I preferred that over this, but that’s not to say that this is a bad production at all.

Now, let me start this off by saying that unless you are a fan of Lincoln City, there isn’t really a lot to recommend to be honest. It is more a collection of highlights package, rather than a story of a season. “Impossible Is Just An Opinion” was more a case of a story of a remarkable season that could spark interest from those that don’t support City simply because of what the club achieved, whereas this is literally just highlights of eight matches, no interviews between and other than two montage videos, there is nothing that you won’t see on Youtube.

So now to simply talk about this DVD without comparing it to the aforementioned, and of course I am going to be largely positive because it is my team, not to mention being made by a friend. Despite limited time and footage, Sam has still achieved a quality well above most footballing DVDs I have owned from other clubs. I used to be a collector of season review videos and DVDs, and this is comfortably better than most.

If you didn’t attend the games, you still get a feeling of how the game went as you don’t just see chances created by Lincoln, infact in some games it is openly admitted we were second best. I personally only went to two of the eight games (simply because I lived well away from Lincoln during most of the season), but I personally felt that the way the others were presented were more than likely how the games went, which is a refreshing change as a lot of clubs show the highlights heavily in their favour.

Despite that, there is one glaring flaw in the production and that is the use of commentary from a neutral. With BBC Radio Lincolnshire commentary being unavailable for copyright reasons (I believe), the official EFL commentary has been used and in the nicest possible way, whoever does that commentary has zero passion. He genuinely sounds like a completely disinterested bystander, almost as though he just happened upon a random game and is describing it to a friend just down the road. Fortunately the official Sky Sports commentary is used for the final against Shrewsbury, but before then the commentary could easily bore you to tears.

Other than that though, if you’re a fan of Lincoln City then the commentary is unlikely to put you off.

Oh, and for the record, I wasn’t credited. Oh well.


For the first time ever I’m going to give a conditional approved stamp. The approved stamp is for Lincoln City fans as there is definitely something there for us, but if you aren’t a Lincoln fan then yeah, there isn’t really anything remarkable or different from anything else you would have seen before.

With a few tiny additions this could have been as good as “Impossible Is Just An Opinion”, but ultimately those things do make a difference and whilst still decent (from the view of a Lincoln fan), the tiny, seemingly unimportant things, do ultimately add up.

Unfortunately there isn’t a trailer for this, so below is a collection of clips that I took from the day out at Wembley, but please note that it doesn’t contain the winning goal.


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