Keeping it Reel : Schlock and Awe

So those of you that have followed my blog for a while will know that I work as a supervisor in a UK based cinema chain. It is a job that often presents unpredictable and unusual days, and a few weeks ago one of those came as a film crew turned up first thing in the morning. Three hours later I had sporadically watched Ben Falk, a local writer, film a fundraising advert about his upcoming book and what I heard struck a cord with me.

Ben is writing a book called “Schlock and Awe”, a compendium of great bad movies. In our brief chat we shared our love of cinema that could best be described using the Chris Stuckmann term “hilariousity”, aka films that are so bad that they’re actually watchable. I’ve written a few reviews like that for this site, namely movies such as Let There Be Zombies, a wonderfully awful zombie flick. If you want another example of these types of films, the on-the-nose Space Babes From Outer Space satires exploitation films, without itself being great.

I started this blog just over four years ago to share my love of independent and lesser known films. It has increased my knowledge of an industry I love and some of my favourite films of the last few years have come from doing reviews, and that is why I am doing something I’ve not done before and endorsing a book that isn’t even finished yet (as far as I am aware). Ben has started a fundraiser to get his book published and I am actively encouraging my modest reader-base to at least consider buying it.

Some of the pledge rewards are excellent, ranging from the very generic copy of the book, right through to a film journalism masterclass (which some would argue I need), being able to choose a film that goes into the book, or the opportunity to get together with him and like-minded others for a night of bad films, an option that I am tempted to choose myself.

You can find out more about his book here –, or indeed watch the fundraising video that was filmed in my cinema below.


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