Pet Names

This is still quitting. This is broadening the definition of quitting!

Year Released : 2019

Director : Carol Brandt

Cast : Meredith Johnston and Rene Cruz

It feels like a long time since I last reviewed a movie. Other than my recent articles about “Avengers : End Game”, I haven’t really posted on here recently.

I don’t know whether it has simply been because of a lack of motivation, or the move to Portugal has exhausted me (I am regularly asleep by 10pm at the moment, even though Portugal is in the same timezone as my native UK and I didn’t sleep until 1am there).

I am going to try to improve my output and aim for at least one a week, hopefully producing more as time goes on. So we start with a movie that just popped up randomly for me when browsing Youtube and based on the relatively decent score of 7.2/10, admittedly that is with just 76 votes, and previous experience on this site says that high scores but low votes is usually a bad thing.

It’s also has a nice, and relatively small amount, runtime of just 75 minutes long, which is great because even if I hate it, it won’t last that long at least.

We’ll see.


Leigh (Johnston) is not satisfied with life following dropping out of high school. She cares for her mother, but one day she decides to just leave and find something new. She is joined at the last minute by her friend Cam (Cruz), and the two of them go camping.

Whilst doing that they share many conversations about life, relationships and each other.

Can either grow through this time?


So is it the familiar case of low votes and a high score being more than a coincidence?

Normally with a high score:low votes ratio, it doesn’t add up, almost as if the cast have gone on and voted it highly, giving an unrealistic and unjustified view on things, but this isn’t one of those. However, that doesn’t mean it is good.

The two leads are both fine, they’re both likeable and build their characters well. You genuinely feel that they do have a connection between them, but despite being only 75 minutes long, this felt like a bit of a slog. It moves at a snail-like pace and often seems to be a bit pointless. The movie, ironically like the lead character, lacks direction.

The soundtrack is fairly simple with most of it being instrumentals, although there is the odd song in there. The music fits the film, which is something that isn’t common for films of this side. The movie is simple in premise, and has an uncomplicated soundtrack to accompany it.


It isn’t an awful movie by any stretch of the imagination, but even though it is just 75 minutes long, it feels like a lot longer.

The acting is fine, the direction is decent enough and the soundtrack is suitable, but the film just isn’t that interesting.

I’ll probably forget about this in a few days.

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