I don’t want anyone inside my head. Not them! Not You!

Year Released : 2019

Director : Nevin Dev

Cast : Daniel Ahmadi, Hussina Raja, Brian Potter Jr and Ross Mullan

I like the idea of time loop films, with films such as “Groundhog Day”, “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Happy Death Day” all coming to mind, so when I saw the description for this movie I knew I had to at least give it a try.

One of the reasons I like the theory of repeating a certain amount of time (for a limited period just to stress) is that you have time to learn plenty of things, so the potential in films is fairly large. For example, in “Groundhog Day” they show the central character of Phil learning how to play piano overtime, and you can potentially learn anything, and by the time the loop ends you’re just a day older. It’s an interesting theory.

Anyway, that being said, there is something worrying about the 3.6/10 IMDB rating (at the time of writing), as I don’t think I’ve once reviewed a film with a rating that low that was actually any good.


Unemployed drug addict Charlie (Ahmadi) is convinced into attending a clinic specialising in memory manipulation. They are offering an experimental rehab procedure that will see him in a memory loop of a time when he was sober, allowing the mind to regress to an earlier state, meaning he should theoretically be cured of the addition.

He reluctantly goes through the process, but something goes wrong during the initial procedure and he ends up getting stuck in the loop, and in that he begins to re-evaluate his life and relationships with people.

So is it better than the 3.6/10 suggests?

I’m going to come right out with it, if David Fincher sees this then there is a case for plagiarism. There are numerous similarities to the film in terms of look, atmosphere, costume design and soundtrack that it goes beyond simply just being nods, references and similarities, it actually feels like a blatant rip off at times, which is some going considering that they don’t share a plot, or even a genre. It is a remarkable achievement in many ways.

There is something very familiar about this movie, whether it being the time-loop elements that fail to give an original idea, or that it feels like they’ve just finished watching “Fight Club”, with a similar style at points, as well as a soundtrack that stinks of being a discount version of “Nine Inch Nails” and the “Dust Brothers” (who did the “Fight Club” soundtrack).

The character of “Barton” also not only quotes Tyler Durden on a regular basis, but also dresses in a fairly similar manner to him. The movie doesn’t seem to have an original thought behind it.

Away from the arguably plagiarism, the film just isn’t that good. The acting is questionable, the characters just aren’t that interesting, and it takes far too long to get going.

Considering that this is a film that is only 80 minutes long, you’d think that they would start the loop relatively early, but nope, it takes more than half an hour of “character building” to get there, and even when they do, it isn’t worth the effort.


I challenge anyone to watch this and not feel like it wasn’t blatantly being written by someone watching “Fight Club” at the time. It is actually quite laughable at times.

Even if you can get past that, it’s not really worth your time as the characters just aren’t particularly interesting, and the story isn’t that engaging.

Just avoid.

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