White trash symphony!

Year Released : 2019

Director : John Murlowski

Cast : Joel Courtney, Callum Worthy and Andi Matichak

I challenge anyone at to watch the trailer for this and not automatically think “that’s just a modern day, low budget take on Invasion of the Bodysnatchers” as that is the first thought that went through my head.

I’m usually cautious when it comes to movies that are a blatant rip off of other films, especially well known films. For example, last year I said that the movie “Dead in A Week (or Your Money Back)” was very similar to “Suicide Theory“, but that can be forgiven because the latter isn’t a well known film, regardless of how good it is, but with one of the most iconic horror/sci fi movies of the last fifty years, it is hard to be so forgiving.

That being said, this does look like it has the potential to actually be ok, but with an IMDB score of just 4.8/10 we will have to wait and see.


Zach (Courtney) and Randy (Worthy) are filming a documentary about their home town and early on they encounter Mrs Bissette (Amye Gousett) complaining about some new bugs showing up out of nowhere. Later that night Zach and Randy hear screaming coming from her house, finding her hidden in a cupboard and complaining that something bit her.

The boys investigate, but when they go back to her saying that the suspect the local priest, she is behaving very strangely and not only doesn’t have a memory of being bitten, but also shows no physical signs of it after just 24 hours.

Finding the situation strange, the pair go to the police, but they laugh it off, and it isn’t long before more people start behaving strangely.


Is it worth more than the 4.9?

There are two ways I can look at this, the first is that the movie is better than a 4.9/10 because despite not being even remotely unique in any sense of the word, it actually does relatively well with what it has.

The production values are actually commendable when you consider how small the film is, and it is definitely a tribute to a number of films (such as “The Thing”, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “The Faculty”) and tries to pay respect to them, which is something most other low budget films fail to do. Similar films will just rip off the well known film and be done with it, whereas this does at least feel like it is trying to be a decent film.


Throughout the acting is surprisingly ok and there are some moments that are quite clever, such as the main trio being trapped in a trailer with a cop as the townsfolk approach, but other than a few fleeting moments, the film does lose a lot of points with me because it simply isn’t gripping enough. It is certainly not bad, but on the flip side it isn’t gripping either.

Unfortunately the film does end pretty much how you would expect it to.


Being a tribute to some very well known horrible movies has both good and bad aspects, the biggest of the latter being that it is largely predictable.

It is a shame really because I would actually say it is worth a watch, but not to the point where I am going to give it the approved stamp, and it only just misses out on getting that.

It’s ok, just be prepared to see precisely nothing original if you do seek it out.

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