Killer Weekend

I don’t think that “it tastes like monkey jizz” is positive feedback!

Year Released : 2018

Director : Ben Kent

Cast : Sean Verey, Danny Kirrane, David Mumeni, Timothy Renouf, Perry Fitzpatrick, Mark Heap and Ewen MacIntosh

So after an unexpected absence due to some health (both mental and physical) issues, I have decided that it is time to start reviewing movies again, and going to start with a mix of two sub-genres I know well, British movies and zombie movies.

Granted, from what I understand of the movie, there aren’t any actual zombies in the movie, but there are people pretending to be zombies, so I am going to just go with it anyway.

If anything, this movie looks very similar to a film I reference on here often, but haven’t actually reviewed, “Severance”, in which a weekend away in the British countryside goes very wrong. I really should actually review that one day. It is a great, little British comedy/horror, and I would seriously recommend watching it.

Unfortunately, “Killer Weekend”, which has also been called “Fubar”, doesn’t seem to be popular amongst viewers, with the 183 raters on IMDB giving it just a 5.1 out of 10, but hopefully it will turn out to be better than that.


A group of friends arrive for a stag weekend away at a paint-balling retreat with a difference, the staff pretend to be zombies. One of the staff takes it far too seriously though and effectively stalks them, even before the game has started, and Sam (Verey) accidentally impales him, all before Eric (Kirrane) stabs him in the head because he thinks he is an actual zombie.

The friends get into panic as they realise that it wouldn’t fall under self-defence, and more to the point, how to hide it from the staff that have displayed that they aren’t stable themselves.

What will happen when they find out?

So, is it a worthwhile effort?

I can definitely see why some wouldn’t like this movie as some of the characters are one dimensional, don’t really add anything to the plot and only seem to be there to add to a body count later on, but despite all that, I actually quite liked “Killer Weekend”. It may be because it reminds me of some of my favourite British movies of the past, but there was just something about this that hit home.

The comedy is a bit hit and miss, but the jokes that do land are amusing. I particularly enjoyed the character of Myles, played by Timothy Renouf, being particularly amusing as a rich guy quite clearly out of his comfort zone, trying to solve everything by throwing money at it. I would stress that the jokes are very much in the British style of humour, so if you’re not from my homeland, or don’t get our jokes, then this isn’t for you.

Its practical effects are surprisingly well done, for example, a character gets his hand severed later in the film, and it looks completely real, even with the stump squirting blood consistently, something which larger budget films forget to do. They achieved more with practical effects than most big budget films do achieve with state of the art technology, which is commendable.

As I say, the film isn’t perfect, and there are some characterisation issues, especially with the antagonists, but for the most part, I enjoyed this.


Despite a few things that work against it, I do actually like this quite a bit. Granted, being British I am slightly biased towards these types of films, but for the most part I enjoyed “Killer Weekend”, and it earns what has become a relatively rare approved sticker.

The film isn’t even close to perfect, but despite the flaws, it is still entertaining for the most part and whilst I can see some having an issue with it, but for me it worked. If you liked movies such as “Severance”, then I would definitely give it a shot.


Worst case scenario, it’s only 80 or so minutes long, so it’s not that much time wasted.

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